Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wow..Has it been a while!

Well, here I am writing to you all.  I never meant to neglect my poor little blog.  But as such is life, I was pretty busy :)

My clients have the greatest imaginations and the most wonderful pets!  I have been really challenged over the last few months with everything from a life sized cat made from Angora rabbit hair to guinea pigs and hamsters:)

I have also been approached by some with one question...."How do you do that?"  I have never dreaded this question and am happy to explain every bit of the process.  But it is very hard to explain in just words.  I am a doer, which means that I learn by actually doing the task at hand.  It can take me a bit to grasp a concept based on words alone.  Since I can't have you all in my little 9x9 studio to stand around my little fold out table to watch me perform my art creation, I figured that I should maybe add an instructional segment to my blog in amongst the wonderful finds I will be posting here.

BTW, I am truely loving Etsy's new Tweet and Facebook buttons.  My Twitter is and my Facebook Fanpage is  I am posting my likes on my pages and tweets of all different kinds of shops I stumble into in the forums, chats and circles.  Yes, I am a huge fan of circles too :D.  So if you want to find great stuff follow me on my twitter.  Like my fanpage and who knows, maybe you will find your next piece of wonderful art from some of the most awesome Etsy artists.

If you feel that I am leaving out a kind of art, let me know and I will go a searching!

Bye for now, I promise I will be back