Sunday, July 11, 2010

Card Stock Goes Beyond Cardmaking!  
You can find various forms of handmade cards, origami beads and flowers, but an old but relatively unheard of artform is now surfacing called Paper Quilling.  This is an example from one such artist named Fairy Cardmaker.  Here not only do they make gorgeous cards but they also use the paper quilling technique.  They explain this technique in their shop as "The quilled creations of today find their roots in Paper Filigree. Paper Filigree is the art of making things out of rolled paper. When paper filigree started, the paper was rolled around a feather quill which created the name paper quilling!"
Their items are so unique and different you just can't help not to look for that finishing touch for a special gift! Awesome job, Fairy Cardmaker!


  1. Thanks for the feature! I also belong to a small paper quilling Etsy team called "Paper Twirlies". You can find our stuff by searching for the term "papertwirlies team" on Etsy!

    Paper quilling is catching back on in the paper art world. Just the other day, I saw some quilled embellishments under the "Martha Stewart" banner at the craft store!

  2. That's wonderful! Maybe I should add a few team posts too :)