Monday, July 12, 2010

Speaking of Unique Handmade Toys.......
You can find gorgeous, lacy and beautiful things on Etsy for sure, but you will also find truly different, special, unique and one of a kind items too.

When I first met ZeroPumpkin, I was floored.  I was awe inspired at the cuteness of their handmade dolls plus intrigued by their unique presentation and crafting.  They will also custom make your doll for you!

ZeroPumpkin's Dolls are truly collectibles.  Each is handmade and carefully crafted.  And each may be similar to each other,  but ZeroPumpkin has managed to instill a unique personality to each and every one they create.  I bump into ZeroPumpkin from time to time on Etsy chats and such, and every time I do, I have to check out their shop to see whats new.  And every time, I am pleasantly surprised.   So if you are looking for above the norm, collectible dolls, head over to Zeropumpkin, and try to decide which ones you will get first:)  ZeroPumpkin is also having a 100th sale Giveaway on their blog They have two dolls to name in a contest!!  Good luck to everyone and Great work Zeropumpkin!!


  1. thanks so much for featuring 1 of my plush :) i will post on my fb :)

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