Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not Just Home Decor....
For some, the word handmade means, frilly lace pillows, silk, scented flowers and pretty door wreaths or swags.  While all are things that make me weak.  There is also another aspect of handmade that went out with our fore fathers.  Handmade Toys.  You must remember the sock monkey.  He was traditionally made from a gray and white sock with button eyes.  Made for those kids whose parents couldn't get the designer toys.  But they are very cute and as the years went by they grew more popular and now our Etsians are adding more artistic edges to our Sock Monkey of the past.  Meet Rita, the 80's Sock Monkey.  She is handmade by Etsy Shop owner  Zparkley's.  Their Sock Monkeys are so darn cute you just want to pile them in the middle of the floor and dive in :)  Each is handmade and carefully crafted to last for years of love. Zparkley also makes custom Monkeys just for you!  Once you take a look at Zparkley's shop, you'll be there for hours trying very hard to decide which one or ones you want first.  Too cute Zparkley!  Keep em coming!

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