Saturday, July 10, 2010

Country Market/Christmas Wish List

I went to my local flea market today. People in my area know it as the 400 flea market. This used to be a huge maket filled with handmade items, antiques, knick knacks and things. There were some areas where wholesalers could move a lot but you didn't see many of them.

Today, though, the handmade artist had either shrunk to smaller booths or closed up. Now, there were nothing but, in Etsy terms, Resellers everywhere. There were some great handmade artists there, but they all but said to me that their days were numbered. I was saddened.

I believe that we need now to start pushing the handmade artist even more now or the path of death for us will get larger.

So I wanted to start here. I want to feature as many people as I can on my blog. Only handmade artists. I will tweet, facebook and do whatever I can to get this out.

We have Christmas in July on right now and although I don't have a lot of followers right now, I'm sure that number will change as our list grows.

There is no limits as to how many features I will put up but I will make sure each and everyone is a handmade artist. But if I happen to feature a reseller by accident. I hope someone will tell me..

Anyway, If you want to featured here, the only thing I ask of you is to follow me and promote the handmade artist to who ever will listen.

Congrats all and Happy Sales!!!!!!!


  1. This is a great goal you have! I wonder... where will the next home of handmade art be (for the physical world)? Probably a good time to brainstorm!

  2. Wonderful! I promote "handmade" on my blog as well. I am following you and I hope you will stop by my blog and do the same!

    and my etsy shop

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  4. And I can say that ChristieCottage's blog is awesome!! I am one of her loyal followers :-)

    Promoting handmade on your blog is a great idea, Fibreheart! Stop by my blog too, when you have a chance. I blog primarily about business topics and financial tips for handmade artists, garnered from my day job in the financial industry.

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